PRESS RELEASE - February 14, 2020

The Recall of Governor Sisolak, by Fight for Nevada

The people of Fight for Nevada believe Governor Steve Sisolak has come to Nevada to restrict the people’s rights and mirror the destruction of California. We also believe he only has his own interests and the agendas of the Democrat Party to destroy the entire United States of America. Like many other states, outside money was poured into our state to swing the election and WE THE PEOPLE of Nevada are sick and tired of the push for socialism. We will not stand for it and will continue to Fight for Nevada and we will not stand for it. Petition signing locations from private businesses to public entities can be found on the website at [sic]: (Click link) 

Starting February 15th, 2020, WE THE PEOPLE of Nevada will start collecting signatures to Recall Governor Steve Sisolak on the basis of signing bills into law that go against the Constitution of the United States of America and the Nevada Constitution. [sic]

Governor Sisolak signed bills AB113, 153, 167, 217, 255, 291, 354, 437, 291, SB55, 143, 261

and 411 which all go against our 2nd amendment rights. Governor Sisolak also passed illegal alien protection laws AB 281, 376, and SB 538 [sic]. 

The mileage “study” bill for future taxes, AB 483 tabled for later (AB401). SB 135, future State income tax, Water meter laws, AB30, 95,163, and 233 [sic]. 

Governor Sisolak also started a Go Fund Me for the October 1st Las Vegas shooting victims; he promised to account for every penny and around $32 million is unaccounted for [sic]. 

The promise to dedicated hard-working K-12 teachers when he was campaigning was not kept [sic]. 

He lied to the mines that he is here for them and then was heard in Carson City saying he was going to raise taxes on the mines [sic]. 

This man has attacked our Sheriffs with a red flag sexual harassment bill directed towards them and like the red flag gun law, these bills both make you guilty and then you have to prove your innocence [sic].

The governor has also changed the Nevada Constitution Article 2, section 9, the recall

process, which was not voted on by the people. 

Since the start of working on this recall, we have received three different copies of the Recall Guide from the Secretary of State [sic]. 

Angela Blass

President of Fight For Nevada 


Official Press Release

My name is Angela Blass, President of the committee Fight For Nevada.

Our goal is to recall Governor Sisolak on the basis of all the Legislative bills he has signed into law that are chipping away at our rights and freedoms, such as bill AB 291, which creates the Red Flag Law, imposing mandatory storage requirements on firearms, criminalizes firearm modifications, and is restricting our Second Amendment rights. 

AB 291 restricts law enforcement’s ability to enforce the laws on illegal immigrants; SB 236, adds well-meters to private individuals' homes, where they have paid for the drilling and well rights to water; SB 94 - makes the “morning after” pill accessible to minors without parental consent; AB 132 - restricts private employers' right to test employees for marijuana use, but state jobs are still allowed to test; SB 450-changed the process of a recall in the Nevada Constitution without voter approval. Governor Sisolak has passed into legislation without our vote, the ability for illegals allowance to vote in OUR elections, targeting our sheriff while exempting other elected officials. And his agenda goes on and on. 

As a California transplant just three years ago, I have seen the horrible effects of similar bills. Nevada will have higher taxes, criminals running in the streets without law enforcement interference, and law enforcement forced to stand down. If this path continues, we will no longer feel or be free and secure. I know this having watched it happen in California and not having the ability to change or control the unfolding events. Many other people have seen it too. It's one of the major reasons I moved to Nevada; I want to be able to live my life without harsh government interference. As this governor continues to erode our state and country Constitution, it will become more difficult to simply make a living and just live our lives as we see fit. 

The people involved with this movement are just everyday working people who want to be heard, including myself. We are sick of the politicians not listening to what the majority of people want to see happen. Everything comes down to money for their own wallets; what Governor Sisolak is doing is no exception.

Monica Jaye has been an amazing supporter of our movement