Official Press Release


My name is Angela Blass, President of the committee Fight For Nevada.

Our goal is to attempt to recall Governor Sisolak on the basis of all the bills he has signed that are chipping away at our rights and freedoms. Such as AB 291, which creates the Red Flag Bill, imposes mandatory storage requirements, criminalizes firearm modifications, and is bending our Second Amendment rights. AB 291 restricts law enforcement’s ability to enforce the laws on illegal immigrants. SB 236, Well Meters. SB 94 - the “morning after” pill to minors without parental consent. AB 132 - employers denied the right to test for marijuana, but state jobs still can. SB 450, changing the process of a recall in the Nevada Constitution. Allowing illegals to vote, targeting our sheriff while exempting other elected officials; and his agenda goes on and on. 

As a Californian transplant just two years ago, I have seen the horrible effects of similar bills. We will have higher taxes, criminals running the streets, and law enforcement into the ground. It will become more difficult to simply make a living and just live. If this path continues, we will not feel free and secure; I know by watching it happen with my own two eyes, and many other people have seen it, too. The people involved with this movement are just everyday working people who want to be heard, including myself. We are sick of the politicians not listening to what the majority of people want to see happen. Everything comes down to money for their own wallets; Governor Sisolak is no exception.

Monica Jaye has been an amazing supporter of our movement