Why we are recalling Steve Sisolak


From a concerned voter in Nevada and agreed upon by all!

I. Governor Sisolak has failed at representing the people of Nevada. During the course of AB 291, thousands of Nevadans state wide showed up, wrote, and called in much heavier opposition to this law than in support.

II. Governor Sisolak is in direct opposition to Law Enforcement and all the Sheriffs in Nevada. Every Sheriff in Nevada has signed a public opposition letter to the private transfer of firearms sales bill he signed.

III. Governor Sisolak has publicly voiced his disdain for the rural counties of Nevada, and his support for metering and seizing water from rural wells has been a self-evident action of his distaste for a majority of our state.

IV. Governor Sisolak has failed on his promises to improve our schools. Instead of reducing over-paid Adminstration and Supervisor pay and increasing teacher pay, he has only called for more tax increases, while the "rainy day fund" from Medical Marijuana taxes are squandered.

V. Governor Sisolak has signed legislation pertaining to energy that will increase prices, while sending money to the cronies of his agenda in Nevada. 

Governor Sisolak has:

Ignored the 2nd Amendment by passing legislation registering ALL firearms. This can lead and possible will lead to confiscation down the road. He is following the lead of the Governor of New York who is opposed to citizens having weapons.

He, and his Legislature have authored more than 20 gun control bills since he has been in office

He and his Legislature have authored a “Sanctuary State” bill, which is now off the table for this legislative session. This bill will be back, severely restricting law enforcement in their efforts to catch and deport criminal Illegal Aliens in Nevada.

Since in office, he has gone on a rampant spending spree, creating many many new governing and management offices within the State Government. Who is going to pay for the added staff? And how is it going to be funded? Do I see a raise in taxes or even a State Tax on the horizon?

He has broken his promise to the Teachers of Nevada. He promised to give the teachers a long needed raise and now has removed that from the table giving them nothing.

Thank you,

Barney Wadley


(775) 309-7867 Cell


Alishia Wolcott Singing at the Rally against Sisolak

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About Us


What we are doing

 The process of recall: we are able to submit a Letter of Intent to the County Clerk on June 7th. However, if we do not have enough people yet, we will wait: after the Letter of Intent is submitted, we will only have 90 days to turn all of our signatures in, together. We need 242,950 signatures of registered voters who voted in the gubernatorial. Once we are ready to submit our Letter of Intent, 3 registered voters that voted must sign the Letter in front of a notary. Then we will submit a copy to the Secretary of State. Day two, S. Sisolak will be notified in writing of our intention. Once we gather our signatures and submit them to the County Clerk, they will count them, then pass them on to the Secretary of State for verification of the signatures. This should take nine business days. Once S. Sisolak is recalled, we will have another election.


Work to come

At this time, we now have officers in place. We have our EIN, and our organization paperwork has been turned into the Secretary of State. As soon as we can we will turn in the recall paperwork and will let everyone know when we can start gathering signatures. We are now asking for donations and financial contributions. The best way you can help is to volunteer to collect signatures and to organize rallies by clicking on Get Involved under the Contact Us tab.


Join the cause


Please private message us your information to volunteer in your county. We will need leaders to set up fundraisers and rallies, and to attend hearings. We are beginning to organize rallies! June 2nd is the scheduled date for the first one. Contact our volunteer coordinator Barney to get involved in your area. If you would like to be a head rally organizer let Barney or our President Angela Blass know!

Nevada Recall Guide

You may wonder what it takes to recall a politician in Nevada. You may have been led to believe that it costs tens of thousands of dollars. It does not! in fact it is incredibly easy to recall a governor in Nevada. The only is cost signatures and the time of volunteers to collect those signatures. Here is the actual recall guide that was provided to us by the Nevada Secretary of State.