We are "Fight for Nevada". Our goal is to Recall Sisolak!

We are "Fight For Nevada"! 

Help us campaign today for a better tomorrow!

For Steve Sisolak Directly!!

 Governor Sisolak, this post is directed to you specifically. I know you have people on here. I want to say you are absolutely wrong to sign Ab 291. You are going against our constitutional rights, which you were sworn in to uphold. AB 397, which is directed towards our Sheriff, who were also sworn in to uphold the Constitution, which takes precedence over  your unconstitutional bills. SB 450, amending the recall process from the Nevada Constitution, which the Nevada Constitution has only been amended 27 times in history.  which feels directed towards ME! You are now just picking on middle class citizens. And you want the mines to pay more taxes? Are you trying to destroy  Nevada?  Let me tell you, WE THE PEOPLE will fight ALL of your bills. Why can't you just care about what the majority of LEGAL, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WANT???? 

Save Nevada - Recall Sisolak

Save Nevada - Recall Sisolak; From  Desert Heart Media

President Angela Blass on The Kevin Wall Radio Show!

We are all very proud of our leader of this amazing movement President Angela Blass for making this become a reality. She is working day and night to organize everyone and listen to everyone that wants to help recall this oppressive and tyrannical Governor! Every single one of you are making this slowly become a reality. We can and will be successful! 

He swore to uphold the Constitution

He swore to uphold the Constitutions of Nevada and the United States. He, in fact, is doing everything he can to circumvent the Constitution and create his version of California. Do not take this sitting down - Fight For Nevada!!!

The Platform

Serving The Community


 We have one goal, to recall Governor Sisolak. Let's keep sharing and prepare for more signatures. To update everyone, we need 242,950 signatures. We can not submit a Letter of Intent until around June. So after that point we have 90 days to submit our signatures. 

United By A Common Goal


 In June, we can officially get petitions started and filed, and recall this detrimental Governor.  

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 This is a group for Nevadans to come together and recall Sisolak a Governor who, in less than a month in office, already gone after not only our 2nd Amendment rights, but has also gone against everything Nevada stands for. He wants to change everything we are and turn us into something we're not. Something that knows no freedom. A second California.